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Before you use the Website in any form, see the full version of this Privacy Policy and remember that use of the Website implies full acceptance of the procedures and standards applied by the Automobile Upholstery Piotr Kubiak and under the Policy.If you do not accept the procedures under the Policy, you may not use the Service.

If you have any questions or concerns – we are at your disposal. Contact us using the contact details provided at the end of the policy.

Remember that the policy creates a comprehensive whole and any of its parts should not be interpreted by you in isolation.

Definitions Privacy Policy
Personal Data
This data about you; shall mean personal data within the meaning of Art. 6 of the Act, and collected through the Service and processed by Auto Upholstery Piotr Kubiak;
Auto Upholstery Piotr Kubiak
It is we, the company, Piotr Kubiak Auto Upholstery based in Lubon, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under number NIP 777-100-90-43,
Through appropriate program are shipping activities conducted by our company in order to communicate with the client.
We’re reading it. A set of principles, rules and our experience with the processing of personal data.
Anti-Spam Policy
We attach particular importance to the fact that use of the Service carried out in accordance with the provisions of applicable law and generally acceptable principles of the Internet.
It made our operations on Personal Data. Through Processing understand activities such as collection, recording, storage, organization, alteration, disclosure and erasure of personal data, particularly those operations that lead to carrying out our campaign effective.
This page is available at
This is the Polish Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (consolidated text Dz. U. of 2014. Item. 1182, as amended.)
Before using the functionality of the Service we may ask you to provide some personal information, while never ask you to provide data that are not necessary for us.
We respect your choice, so give your personal data is always voluntary. Remember, however, that in case of failure to provide personal data, which will be we asked, will not have access to the functionality of the Website.
We are constantly improving service, so while using the Website may be collected automatically various information about people viewing site, including the you.
For this, we also use cookies (cookies).
This site is not always automatically collects information about you, but if that happens, always let you know.
To our cooperation runs smoothly we need to know each other. About us you know everything, and if you want to know more – please contact us using the contact details provided at the end of the policy.
We want you to get to know, which is why:

1. While some functionality of the Service collect data about you: (a) IP address, (b) domain, (c) the identity of the browser and (d) the type of operating system;

2. When contacting us through forms available at http: // autotapicer24pl / # contact data we collect about you: (a) name, (b) names and (c) e-mail address.

When you give us Personal Information we become the administrator within the meaning of Art. 7 paragraph 4 of the Act. So you had no doubts – administered by the company, Piotr Kubiak Auto Upholstery in Lubon Street. Panek 15, 62-030 Lubo__ province. Wielkopolska, Poland, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under the NIP 777-100-90-43
Your personal data are processed by us only with your consent or when permitted us to do so by law.
We process your personal data:
(i) to provide services related to the activities of the Service and the appropriate management of client Auto Upholstery Piotr Kubiak;

(ii) for marketing purposes – send you our own commercial or commercial information about our partners. Before sending such information always we ask you for permission. Just that when registering check the appropriate box form.

(iii) for statistical purposes Auto Upholstery Piotr Kubiak.

Remember that you can decide about the scope and purpose of processing. At any time, you can:
(i) contact us for information, what is the content provided by the Personal Data you and exactly how they are used;

(ii) up to date and correct your Personal Information;

(iii) withdraw your consent to the processing, as well as to request the removal of your Personal Information
in whole or in part. Remember, however, that it might be associated with the loss of the possibility of your use of the functionality of the Service.

In exceptional cases we can not accommodate your request regarding the removal of Personal Data. This can occur if your violation of this Privacy Policy, as well as breach of the provisions of applicable law. The behavior of the Personal Data will then solely in order to establish the circumstances of the offense or the possible determination of liability for infringement.

The specificity of the Service makes sometimes we may transfer or disclose your Personal Information to third parties. Such transfers can take place only after the conclusion of our written agreement with another entity.
We do not share or not share your personal information if you do not want to. Transmitting or making make only when earlier with your consent or where permitted under common law.
Remember that your personal information may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area only when those countries meet safety requirements Data Personal laid down in Directive 95/46 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.
Car Upholstery PETER KUBIAK communicate personal data to the United States of America only to persons who meet the program requirements “Safe Harbour” approved by the European Commission Decision 2000/520 / EC of 26 July 2000.
Harvested in accordance with the Policy data is a valuable research material, because we can create and disclose anonymous compilation and statistical data on the Website. Such statements are not personal, and thus does not allow any identification you or other users.
We care about the safety of your personal data, which is why we use very high security and the confidentiality of all information supplied. One of the elements of our security is a security policy, which we adopted and conscientiously use. Also we comply with all the obligations incumbent upon us as administrator of personal data, resulting from the provisions of applicable law, in particular with the Act.
Remember that your details are safe, we must take care of them together. Therefore, you should always keep your login to the Service, both a password and login, confidential.
If you share your workstation (PC) jointly with another person, remember to always after use of the Website log out.
We want to improve our services, make it easier to use it and how to adapt it to your needs, so besides voluntarily given you the information we use cookies (cookies), ie. Files containing computer data that are stored on used by your end device so that it is possible to read them when you reconnect to the Service.
Cookies are to serve you and us. Their goal is to adapt the contents of the Service for your personal preferences, optimize the use of the Service and its individualization. Use cookies is also possible to maintain the login session on the Website. We can and thanks to them we can create statistics regarding use of the Website, which allows us to its continuous improvement.
Cookies do not cause any changes to the configuration that you use the terminal. This information is used only to produce statistics on the operation of the Service. They can also be shared with outside parties, but only when required by law or when entrusting the processing of information about cookies to third parties.
In our Website we use several types of cookies:

(i) Session – used to identify a user on the site;

(ii) Statistical – used for statistical purposes;

(iii) Function – providing additional functionality.

Remember that you can always opt out of cookies. Regardless of which Web browser you use, you have the option to disable cookies either for a specific site, and all you visit websites. For information about how to use the above options, you can find the manufacturer used by your browser. However, if you decide to stay in the Website without disabling cookies, you agree to download them.
If you have any questions about cookies answers can be found in the “Help” used by your web browser.

If you have any questions or for some other reason you want to contact us you can do:
(i) e-mail:;

(ii) using the form available on the website;

(iii) writing to the following address:

Tapicerstwo Samochodowe Piotr Kubiak
street Wysoka 15
62-030 LuboĊ„
Woj. wielkopolskie, Poland